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  • Good Night Ur
  • The Lonely Cactus
  • The Slimy Squid
  • The Mushy Potato
  • The Exciting Tree
  • The Pink Bunny
  • Amazing Allana23
  • Goodnight Ur

    T'was few days before it ended, when all through the world many glitches were stirring, fixing up thier own house. The items were cheap and the friendship aplenty, not a glitch was left out, not one, not twenty.

    The glitches wouldn't nestle or get snug in their beds, While even more glitches were conjured in giants heads. Glitches in caps and in robes and in shoes, Nobody knew what else they should choose.

    When out in the world arose such a clatter, glitches sprang from thier streets to see what's the matter. they rose to the times and they opened thier minds, Tore open the world and saw what they'd find.

    T'was not able to fix and impossible to try This was they day that the world they knew died. When out of the blue, something nobody knew, Was a glimer, a small ray of hope.

    With just less than a month, and with hope in thier hearts, they knew that they had to connect. For not all would be lost in this firey tempest, The connections and friends made were the greatest!

    They worked and toiled, typed and shouted out, made all just to kindle a friendship. for this can't be the end, the end of all things, for they all still have thier kinship! Now run, go little glitch, run to the ones that you met!

    for they run to you and want to meet you, when your glitchy forms meet demise. Glitches from all over gathered together, connected and looked at the sky. So up to the giants these happy thoughts flew, Making their remorse less and less and thier happiness grew.

    We enjoyed this new world, this magical place, And now it's lived it's life, it's no time for weeping its no time for strife. So Go and enjoy, meet up with your friends, and have a good rest of your life!


    If you enjoyed this or the rest of my stories feel free to visit this web site: Also feel free to email me at

    Here you can reconnect with me, and other glitches as well as read my stories, if you enjoyed them. I will be posting new ones so stay tuned!

    Thanks for the memories <3


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    The Lonely Cactus

    Once apon a time there was a cactus. He was a very sad cactus because birds ate his family, this poor cactus sat alone in a desert all day with nothing to do and nobody to be with. Until one day, when the universe decided that the cactus had suffered enough gave him the gift of schizophrenia, then the cactus had as many friends as he could ask for.

    The end.

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    The Slimy Squid

    Once upon a time, In an ocean deep and blue, there lived a squid with all his squid friends who didn't know what to do. For you see his body was slimy, and his tentacles different lengths, this poor little squid had more weaknesses than he had strengths. But one day he had a vision, and knew just what to do, this slimy squid had a plan to make himself brand new. He swam and he swam as fast as his squidy arms could go, Untill he reached the chasm with coral as white as snow. He rubbed and he rubbed untill he was all chalky, and then he swam way down to where it was all rocky. He reached the floor and lifted the biggest rocks he could, until this once weak squid was as clean, and strong, and good. He went to see his friends once more, to see what they would think, but to his surprise, before his eyes, they looked at him with disgust. For he was white and bulgy, and smelled of mossy rocks. So then the squid, he had no friends, because he was a tool.

    The end.

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    The Mushy Potato

    A long long time ago, in a land far far away, there was a large gaggle of potatos. These potatos were all plump and round, except for one. Nobody ever talked to this potato, for he was mushy and awkwardly shaped, nobody even bothered to learn his name. This poor potato couldn't roll around joyfully like the other potatos, he kind of just sat there, depressed, Until thanksgiving day, when a family, desperate for mashed potatos, mashed the mushy potato, he was depressed no more, because he was dead.

    The end.

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    The Exciting Tree

    Once apon a time there was a tree, It did nothing because it was a tree. But one day this tree got hit by lighting and burst into flames because it was a tree and still it did nothing. the tree burned for a while but eventually the rain put it out. the tree continued to be a tree and do nothing.

    The end.

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    The Pink Bunny

    Once apon a time there was a pink fluffy bunny. This bunny was pink, and also had fluffy fur, because he was a pink fluffy bunny. one day, this bunny was hopping down the side walk when he came across a tree, this tree sat there, doing nothing because trees don't do anything. the bunny circled around the tree, eating tall grass and cherrys that fell from the tree (It was a cherry tree, Duh.). The bunny then hopped away, slightly bloated, his stomach full to the brim. he hopped and hopped untill he saw some other bunnies, these bunnies pointed and laughed at the bunny because he was fat and pink. They then proceeded to roll him down a hill. The moral of this story is, that bunnies are mean, also there's no such thing as a pink bunny.

    The end.

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    Amazing Alanna23

    Once upon a time, in a land about 3 doors down, lived a girl named Alanna23. She wore this name with pride, as she was the 23rd Alanna in the long line of people named Alanna. And according to the prophecy, "23rd Alanna is best Alanna." One day, Alanna23, was just chilling out in her room, being awesome and such when all of a sudden a figure descended in front of her. Alanna23, Confused, looked up at the figure, skeptically, and asked, "Who are you?" "I am your destiny Alanna23, you see, you are destined to save the world." The figure echoed. "Me? why me?" Asked Alanna23 still skeptical. "Isn't it obvious? It is because you are the 23rd Alanna to grace the planet with your presence! It is because you are the most awesome Alanna of them all!" The figure said. Alanna23 looked at the figure, rather annoyed. "Listen, The world doesn't deserve a hero like me, and anyway, can't you see I'm busy?" And then the figure exploded. To Alanna23 from Darkchaos, Thanks for being so awesome!

    The end!

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